Why Elect Me


Tackle Mismanagement in State Government

I will leverage my 20+ years of strategic business expertise to:

  • Make sure SC consumers are not stuck paying for failed public utility projects like the SCANA/Santee Cooper nuclear reactors.

  • Improve our infrastructure to keep our citizens safe and to attract businesses that provide jobs.

  • Increase oversight on our state pension system.


Elevate Our Public Schools

  • Our State ranks last in education in the U.S. Students do not have the skills that SC employers require. I will make it a priority to:

  • Improve early childhood literacy.

  • Elevate reading levels.

  • Make sure all of our students receive an equal education.

  • Increase vocational programs that fit 21st Century job skills.


Protect Our Environment

Our lives depend upon clean air and water and our robust tourism industry depends upon the sustained natural beauty of our State. I will protect our environment by:

  • Opposing off-shore drilling.

  • Tackling solutions to rising seas, flooding and water pollution.


Address Pressing State Issues

I will draw upon my expertise as a mental health counselor to:

  • Address domestic violence so SC is no longer in the top 5 U.S. states for men killing women.

  • Find solutions to the opioid epidemic.


Support Small Businesses

We need to support small businesses and entrepreneurs to increase job growth and strengthen our economy. I will:

  • Eliminate hurdles to establishing small businesses.

  • Increase the % of women- and minority-owned businesses obtaining government contracts.