what cindy will do for District 99 and South Carolina


  • Repeal the Base Load Review Act that allows SCANA/Santee Cooper to bill consumers for construction costs
  • Refund the $2B that consumers have paid
  • Prevent utilities from donating to political causes
  • Appoint Public Service Commission through third party, not lawmakers


  • Reorganize SCDOT to increase transparency and ensure proper prioritization of projects
  • Prevent politicians from funding non-essential projects in their districts


  • Ensure our students have the skills to make them job-ready for employers like Boeing
  • Elevate our state from last place in the country by implementing quality education for ALL students in the state
  • Fix dilapidated schools
  • Address early childhood literacy issues


  • Require complete financial transparency of lawmakers
  • Eliminate conflicts of interest by barring legislators and their firms from consulting for entities that could benefit from SC legislation


  • Increase education and awareness
  • Increase distribution of overdose-reversing drugs
  • Promote public awareness of dangers of keeping medication in the home
  • Promote safe drop-off at police stations


  • Close the Charleston Loophole
  • Subject private gun sales to background checks and wait period
  • Say “No” to arming our classroom teachers
  • Defeat “Constitutional Carry” whereby guns owners coming to SC  from other states are not required to have permits or background checks


  • Say “No” to drilling and seismic testing to protect our coastal environment and our vibrant tourism economy, as well as our marine life


  • Move towards clean sustainable energy and away from oil and gas
  • Use our wind and sun
  • Pass law to give tax breaks for solar

Read more on the issues before our state here.


Dear voters,
I'm not a politician. I'm a voter just like you, concerned about our state and our community.
My background in business and counseling has taught me how to find innovative solutions to complex problems. I want to use that experience to solve the problems of our state.
I'm running as a Democrat for SC House District 99 because I believe in ethical, accountable government that works for us.
The election is January 16th of 2018. I'd be honored to have your vote. 

Where is my polling place?