I was honored to be included in the emergeAmerica training group in the photo above. The Emerge program trains women leaders for a democratic future.

My being a woman is not the reason to vote for me. I hope you will decide that I have unique qualities to bring to this office and will bring passion and honor to the Statehouse.

That said, the absence of women in our political system is a problem. Women have been shown to be excellent politicians, more likely to reach across the aisle, more likely to listen to constituents. They are also interested in issues most other women care about. Education. Clean air, water and land. A safe environment for their kids. Helping those in need.

We need to elect more women to office. District 99 is 53% female. Our Statehouse and Senate have 170 individuals. 23 are women. That is 13.5%. The only states lower are Oklahoma and Wyoming. Are these men doing such a great job that we need more of them in our state government? The state has problems. Maybe fresh thinking could help.