My Promise

I promise to bring ethical, compassionate, common sense government to the state of SC.


As a mental health counselor, I have to adhere to a strict code of ethics or I lose my license. I think about ethical boundaries every day. I promise that with every issue I will ask " Is this right for the people of District 99 and the state?" Not, is this a good thing for me. Did you know that lobbyists and special interest groups write a lot of our bills and look for representatives to sponsor them? That's not right.


Sometimes people need help. Children born into poverty are likely to end up in poverty themselves. They don't often have influencers who can show them how to make a better life for themselves. They need strong mentors.

People think those on Medicaid are lazy takers, but that is not true. 78% of Medicaid households have at least one working member. Many People on Medicaid have 3 jobs. They just don't have jobs that supply medical insurance and their jobs are low-paying.

Not accepting the Medicaid expansion was wrong. It affected many people in our area. A friend's daughter has serious mental health issues and has to be hospitalized occasionally, at great expense. She doesn't have a job that supplies insurance. She makes little enough to qualify for Medicaid but in SC, since she is female, she can only get it if she is pregnant or has a child. We are providing incentives for people to get pregnant so they can get insurance. Does that make sense? My aunt can't get in a Medicaid nursing home because we did not take the expansion. The expansion would have cost SC ZERO. Not very compassionate.


There are so many things in this state which are broken or don't make sense. The pension program has been unfunded and mismanaged. There are problems with the college savings program. As I talk to people about the issues, I have so many questions. Everyone is talking about how we need more vocational programs so students can learn trades in high school. I agree. The problem is, we had lots of those programs, and now they have been cut and reduced. We have autism services go to students' homes rather than provide them at school like other states. That's inconvenient, takes more time and is more costly. Does that make sense?

Why did we pass a law that allowed people from other states to bring guns into our state without permits despite the fact that police departments throughout the state were begging lawmakers not to pass it because it would make their jobs more difficult?

Let's return to common sense government.